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The founder of ATOMOS SAXOPHONE QUARTET, Arvydas Kazlauskas (soprano saxophone), has brought together some of the best young saxophone players in Latvia - Aigars Raumanis (alto saxophone), Roberts Martinovskis (tenors saxophone), and Rūdolfs Pēteris Rubenis (baritone saxophone). The term Atomos refers to the ancient Greek word άτομος, which
marks the individuality and indivisibility of the ensemble, where each member is a well-known and successful musician. Founded in summer 2016, the Atomos Saxophone Quartet offers a fresh sound and quality saxophone music and is open to creative challenges that cross genres.
A number of composers – Platons Buravickis, Edgars Mākens, Madara Pētersone, Jachin Pousson, Alexey Pegushev, Ritvars Garoza, and Dāvis Jurka – have dedicated opuses to the Quartet, and its concert programmes include not only works written for saxophone quartet, but
also their own arrangements and covers. Atomos Saxophone Quartet has collaborated with the Lithuanian St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, the Latvian National Armed Forces Army Orchestra, the Mixed Choir of Riga Cathedral Choir School, percussionist Ernests Mediņš, the Vocal Group PUTNI, and poet Inga Gaile. They have performed at the Saxophonia Festival, Latvian Radio Studio 1, GORS Concert Hall, Balvi Chamber Music Festival, Sansusī Alternative Chamber Music Festival, Riga Cathedral, and elsewhere in Latvia and Lithuania.

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