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The LNSO cello-choir Dream Team has become a brand. People don’t ask any more what it is, they buy tickets, come to the Great Guild (home of the LNSO) or other concert venues, and are excited. The Latvian National Symphony Orchestra is proud of its Dream Team or orchestra’s cello group which has, for several years already, existed as an independent chamber music ensemble, led by its experienced concert master, the Latvian Grand Music Award recipient Diana Ozoliņa. Dream Team’s concert programmes aim to popularize cello music and reach audiences all around Latvia. In 2015, they were tremendously successful, performing at the 1st Cello Music Festival, organized by the Concert Hall Cēsis.

The cello Dream Team first performed in 2012. A year later, they played a programme of cello’s golden repertoire. In 2014, they had a concert Around Europe In 60 Minutes, but last year their programme brimmed with Italian-Hollywoodian vitality.

In 2016, the ensemble celebrates its fifth programme, and the concert will take place on 4 March, at the Great Guild.

The 1st part will comprise the Sonata for Five Cellos by Jānis

Ķepītis, our charming, gentle and jovial classic, and also Three Wedding Songs by Romualds Kalsons, a composer who knows his instruments inside out and whose orchestral piece has been rearranged for eight cellos and percussions, and who will this year celebrate his 80th birthday.

The 1st part will be concluded with Rain, Steam and Speed by Rihards Zaļupe, an effective and colourful illustration of the famous eponymous painting by J. M. W. Turner (1775–1851). It is known that Turner liked to travel and was a great fan of trains. In intensive gold and brown, this painting depicts a railway bridge across the Thames, a train and a small hare, running from it.

The 2nd part will start with the first performance of a new piece by Juris Karlsons, ourmagister ludens, followed by the evergreen spirit of tango in Astor Piazzolla’s Four Seasons, rearranged for eight cellos.

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