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DJ Monsta, the stage name of Uldis Cīrulis, is the most experienced Latvian DJ, an electronic music and vinyl scratching virtuoso. He habitually challenges the opportunities provided by modern technology in his live performances and audio recordings.

Monsta is an active participant in numerous musical projects: he has collaborated with different kinds of artists, including the German master of nu-jazzRenegades of Jazz, the most versatile Latvian saxophone player Deniss Paškevičs, the Latvian Radio Choir, and the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra (project NiMo in collaboration with Nic Gotham).

In 2014, Monsta was the winner of the Latvian DJ championship RedBullThre3Style, and in 2016, he was awarded 11th place in the DMC Online Dj World Championship. 

DJ Monsta’s latest challenge involves Latvian traditional folk music projects. He frequently performs with kokle player Laima Jansone, and, rumour has it, the collaboration is envisioned to bear tangible musical fruit in the future.

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