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Concert Series for the Youth #CONCERT TALKS WITH GORAN GORA

To make symphonic music more accessible and, in particular, to attract a younger audience, the LNSO launched a special concert series in 2014: #Concert Talks with Goran Gora. It has already become a stable tradition of the LNSO. The LNSO performs a classical music hit in each of the four concerts of the series. Before the performance, the audience will learn about the composer’s disposition at time of composition, historical background and interesting details, and notable musical features to look for in the concert. The talks are led by Goran Gora, vocalist and author of theatre, a seasoned classical music listener. Each concert is approximately one hour long.

The target audience of these concerts, in LNSO’s view, is not just young people, but every listener who would like to gain insight about the era in which the respective composers have lived and composed – in an exciting and comprehensible way.

A seasonal pass can be purchased for all concerts in the series #CONCERT TALKS WITH GORAN GORA. The pass can be purchased until the first concert in the series. For more information, click here.

Ticket price an hour before each LNSO concert – 5 EUR for students and people up to 25 years of age.

For several years already, like many other notable European cultural institutions, the LNSO provides an opportunity to purchase unsold tickets to evening concerts for a special price – 5 EUR per ticket for young people and students, upon presentation of personal ID an hour before the beginning.

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