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The LNSO Summer Festival returns to Concert Hall Latvija in Ventspils and we are excited about meeting with listeners from Kurzeme and other regions, who know: the LNSO Summer Festival is lively, diverse, and full of rich experiences.


It will feature the spectacular Desert Music by the beloved American classic Steve Reich, accompanied by the voices of the Latvian Radio Choir, and the fiery Prometheus by Scriabin in his anniversary year. The audience will be dazzled by world-renowned guests from Canada: the (non-)academic singer Emily D'Angelo and prince of pop Sean Nicholas Savage. Children will be treated to Cat’s-Foot School by Herberts Dorbe from Ventspils, while teenagers will enjoy a contemporary dance performance created by Rihards Zaļupe and Liene Grava. Concerts will be conducted by Andris Poga, Guntis Kuzma, and Ainārs Rubiķis, with solos by Andrei Korobeinikov, Egils Upatnieks, and Rihards Plešanovs.

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