Goda diriģents Vasilijs Sinaiskis

Conductor Emeritus - Vassily Sinaisky

Vassily Sinaisky is renowned across Europe as a conductor of operas and symphony music concerts. He has performed in top opera houses and concert halls and is an esteemed and sought-after conducting teacher. He is one of the best Chief Conductors in the history of the LNSO, a remarkable conductor of works by Latvian composers. Sinaisky is best known for his command of the Russian, German, and English symphony music repertoire.

Vassily Sinaisky was born on 20 April 1947 in the Abez settlement (town of Inta, the Komi Republic, Russia) in an earth house near the Arctic Circle. The family acquired their first piano after moving to Pechora. The boy started to play the piano at the age of five.
In 1957, his father was permitted to return to Leningrad, his birthplace, where Vassily would study music theory and piano playing. He learned conducting basics at an early age, and the legendary Ilya Musin served as his conducting guru.

From 1971 to 1973 Vassily Sinaisky was the second conductor of the Novosibirsk Symphony Orchestra, whose Chief Conductor was